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"No way I can grasp the clues only you can have contact with the lighter you recall I only asked you to give the lighter to whom from beginning to end" "Good" It seems so "It's a pity you didn't say anything" Qin Shuang spread out his hands "then I can only speculate that the lost lighter is your closest relative either yuan Datou or Liang Luochuan" In fact I was also directly locked in the yuan big head because in the information I collected the relationship between you and Liang Luochuan is not very good but I did not expect that he actually came to protect you in person and very urgent so my inference reached a deadlock then Stone Honeycomb Panel I have no other way but to put you out let you help me to find the next truth "Me" "You must know who took the lighter as long as I let you out the person you can't wait to find is likely to be the person who touched the lighter to a large extent so you went to find the big head of the dollar plus what he said if you were me would you catch it" I I won't catch it! Qin Shuang disapprovingly only smiled and said "The mouth is hard" "Then if I had gone straight back to Liang's house you would have taken my third brother away" "That's not necessarily true" "Hi!" yuanbao rolled his eyes and said "So that's all you are" "Do you think I dare not offend the Liang family so I dare not take him" "Then why are you"

"Because when Liang Luochuan came to protect you I had already tried him" "What" Did you interrogate him too Why didn't he tell me "It's not a trial it's just a casual attempt" Qin Shuang said "I think there are only two possibilities for him to take you back so urgently First he loves you and cares about you" Second he's afraid you'll spill the beans So assuming it's the second reason could he be the killer So I used his urgent emotions to constantly stimulate and guide him trying to get him to tell the details of Huang Laohan's death such as the time or manner of death but he did not understand me at all Then I have come to two conclusions First he is not the murderer Second he is very cunning So if you come home immediately after you get out of prison I won't arrest him immediately "Because" yuanbao pressed his temple and felt a little pain in his brain Whether he is a murderer or not I have no direct evidence to prove that he killed and the Liang family is not your mother's home I can not casually go in to listen to the wall then I can only send someone outside the door looking forward to your warning "Oh oh oh!" yuanbao loudly promised in fact completely did not understand her head melon seeds can only understand Liang Luochuan is not the murderer but can not wait to protect her out this is because of love At this point yuanbao's head was out of order Qin Shuang continues to say again

"But your father yuan Datou also has a problem" Hearing Qin Shuang say that her father had a problem yuanbao jumped out of what he had just said "What" What's wrong with my dad Slate Wall Panel "I didn't mean that there was a problem but that he didn't seem to be the real murderer of Huang Laohan" "Of course he's not He's just talking nonsense!" Qin Shuang shook his head and said "Your father is too good at talking nonsense He dares to talk nonsense about killing people" "When my father doesn't drink no one is more reliable than him When he drinks there's no number at all!" Speaking of this gold ingot he raised his glass and said "Speaking of this I have to propose a toast to you Inspector Qin Fortunately you show mercy I really thought you had to give him a big punishment!" "Oh if that's the reason it's not necessary" Qin Shuang said "I think your father didn't have the nerve to say that I didn't torture him but he was scared to pee as soon as he was tied to the scaffolding" So in my opinion the effect has been achieved and there is no need to use torture yuanbao's face turned white in an instant and his hands trembled "Inspector Qin if I hadn't" I I want to splash you! I hear you are a know-it-all Qin Shuang lowered his head and smiled and said "Anyway I didn't wrong him did I" "What kind of skill is it for you to make a confession under torture" "I didn't play either" Qin Shuang spread out his hands

"Then you too" You have gone too far to scare people! And put my dad I'm scared to pee! yuanbao knocked the wine cup on the table angrily and said angrily "You say you you are a little girl you are white and clean why are you so ferocious"! Annoying "I don't want to I can't help it The murderer is too cunning to force me" Qin Shuang looked at her again and said "Third Young Lady do you know why I came to you and Third Master again about Li Gen this time" "Why"! Yeah why This time we just had a meal why come to us again Inspector Qin tell the truth are you just having a hard time with our family yuanbao pounded the Silver Travertine Slabs table angrily and then filled his mouth with several mouthfuls of rice "I shouldn't have invited you to dinner I shouldn't have invited you!"! I ate it all and there's nothing left for you! Qin Shuang was somewhat helpless He shook his head with a smile and said "Just eat" Maybe when I'm done you won't bother me "Impossible!" The gold ingot gobbled it down hungrily Do you know who killed Huang Laohan in the end "Carpenter Liu!"

"Is it" Did you see that I saw it! I saw with my own eyes that he and Huang Laohan quarreled on the grave of Laolin in the north of the city and I was almost killed by carpenter Liu! "That only means that carpenter Liu and Huang Laohan have contradictions and carpenter Liu has the possibility of killing people" Gold ingot listens to this word not happy again "What meaning" It means he's not the one who killed him it's my dad! So you came to me and my third brother again and then you took my father again! yuanbao said half and suddenly reacted to come over "no ah not to say Li Gen's thing how to talk about Huang Laohan in the end which case is it" "A case" "What" "I said that Li Gen and Huang Laohan are the same case In fact it's not just Li Gen and Huang Laohan It should be said that Li Gen carpenter Liu and Huang Lao Han died in the same case" yuanbao scratched the back of his head and was a little confused "Is carpenter Liu dead too" He's not The murderer 。 forustone.com

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Tian Pijiang glanced at Wei Huihou snorted coldly in his nostrils and turned his face away Xiong Huai looked straight at the Marquis of Wei Hui and asked in a loud voice "May I ask the Marquis of Wei who has both virtue and talent in the world today" The Marquis Hui of Wei turned his eyes to Xiong Huai and smiled "There is someone but it's not you Xiong Huai the first prince of the State of Chu" Xiong Huai said coldly "So this man should be Agate Slabs Countertops you Marquis of Wei!" The Marquis Hui of Wei gave a long laugh and said "Ha ha ha ha Those who have both virtue and talent can promote the royal industry and dominate the world" Wei's talent is shallow and his virtue is thin How can he shoulder this heavy responsibility! Besides even if Wei really has this ability it's not good for him to boast! As a vassal unexpectedly in front of the son of heaven to talk about the king's industry really also thanks to what he said Just as they were looking at each other the Marquis Hui of Wei changed the subject and said "However there is only one person in the world who thinks he is highly respected and talented" The Marquis suddenly startled coincidentally turned to Wei Huihou Xiong Huai asked in a loud voice "May I ask the Marquis of Wei who is this man" Wei Huihou put away his smile and said word by word "Qin Gong Ying Qu Liang!" The crowd looked at each other again Han Zhaohou touched Tian Pijiang again "See" Round and round finally round to the point! The Marquis Hui of Wei raised his face and said sternly in his voice "Today the princes are in the court of the king and the world returns to its heart The ruler keeps the way of the ruler and the minister keeps the principle of the minister It can be said that the common people are blessed" Only the Qin in Guanzhong arrogant neither bow to come also don't tell the reason!

What is this This is contempt for the world! This is having no respect for the emperor! This is the following inverse up! This is against the ethics of heaven! Wei Huihou buckled so many big hats in a series and his voice became higher and higher and his face became more and more angry which no one expected It seemed that Wei Chenggong who was known for his timidity could not stand his series of thunderous questions His hands trembled and the wine that had just been filled on several tables was knocked to the ground by him and the wine spilled all over his body Sitting beside him Zhao Suhou calmly reached out to pick up the wine and straightened it on several cases GongSunYan hurried forward refill The Duke of Yan and the Duke of Lu sat upright their eyes slightly closed as if they had not heard or seen anything The monarchs of several small countries looked uneasily at the Marquis Hui of Wei fearing that the wrath of thunder Agate Stone Price would fall on their heads Tian Pijiang's eyes shot contemptuously at Wei Chenggong snorting in his nostrils

The Marquis Hui of Wei however was very satisfied with the quick reaction of Duke Cheng of Wei He stared at him and said "I would like to ask the Duke of Wei the Duke of Qin has ulterior motives and is risking the world's condemnation Should he be punished by the world" Wei Chenggong who was still in shock could not stand the question At that moment he said incoherently "Ji Su is not -- not -- is --" Wei Huihou smiled and said kindly "Wei Gong what on earth do you want to say" Wei Chenggong became more and more flustered "I-I-yes-yes-" Wei Huihou's eyes left Wei Chenggong with great satisfaction He swept the crowd one by one Seeing that no one had come forward he nodded and his eyes fell on the emperor of Zhou "Qin Gong has no eyes for your majesty It is against ethics Calacatta Quartz Slab Wei Gong thinks that Qin Gong is risking the world's condemnation and should be punished for his crime What does your majesty think" King Xian of Zhou who had been in a mess suddenly asked this question He panicked even more He looked around and said "This-" The Marquis Hui of Wei had a stern voice and expression and his eyes were like a sword "The Duke of Qin was born early with the intention of not being a minister People and gods are angry together The Duke of Wei thinks that he should be punished for his crime What does Your Majesty think" King Xian of Zhou became more and more alarmed His forehead was soaked with sweat He wiped a few handfuls of his lapel and stammered "Love-love Qing Yi-what do you think" The Marquis Hui of Wei raised his voice leaned forward and looked straight at King Xian "It's Wei who is asking Your Majesty!" Since he ascended the throne King Xian of Zhou had never seen his subordinates speak to him like this In a hurry he was stunned Even his tongue seemed to be frozen in his mouth It took him a long time to stammer out two words "Dang-Dang Zhu!" Hearing this the Marquis Hui of Wei seemed to finally think of the way of the minister He slowly left his seat straightened his skirt and went to the front of the emperor of Zhou He bowed to the ground and said "Your Majesty is wise!"! Wei is willing to lead the teacher of justice choose a day to cut the Qin Dynasty in order to correct the way of heaven please allow your majesty! King Xian of Zhou looked around again but when he saw that there was no one to answer him he had no choice but to reply "Just-just follow what Aiqing has played!"

Wei Huihou said in a loud voice "Wei receives the decree!" The Marquis Hui of Wei got up and walked back to the same position as the Son of Heaven He sat down glanced around and said slowly "Dukes Wei has been ordered by the Son of Heaven to fight against the Qin thieves I hope you will do your best to help If you have the strength and the money you will contribute" The specific number is coordinated by Chen Tuan the superior doctor of our country Wei not much to say hope you in the alliance after the ceremony in accordance Agate Slabs For Sale with the agreement raise all the food and soldiers a total of the Qin Dynasty! The Hou looked at each other no one answered but no one came out to object As if by magic the Marquis Hui of Wei changed into a smiling face and said "Come on the flowers are beautiful and the moon is full tonight You should drink to your heart's content!"! Go to the doctor and wait on him with singing and dancing! Chen Hui-chih said triumphantly "I have received the decree!" Chen Tuan waved his hand the music sounded and the dancers entered dancing the "Dawu" created by the Duke of Zhou himself after King Wu returned triumphantly from attacking Zhou This song and dance mainly shows the great achievements of King Wu's conquering Zhou and it is usually played at the grand ceremony of the king This is a routine repertoire originally understandable but this day is still a little unusual that is all the big Zhou soldiers holding Ge and halberd are all decorated with Wei soldiers while the soldiers of King Zhou of Shang wear Qin clothes Obviously Wei Huihou took the opportunity to cut Qin is premeditated for a long time No one expected that the emperor's banquet would suddenly change into an oath to cut down the Qin Dynasty Although the flames of war did not burn on his head but the overbearing style of Wei Huihou made the hearts of the dukes difficult

The original six-song "Dawu" had just reached the second song and Tian Pijiang took Xiong Huai to leave the table first Other governors said also have resigned Wei Huihou seemed to have expected this outcome very polite to send away the governors bent back to his own source GongSunYan out hurried back to the prime minister tent the banquet will be told in detail to Bai Gui Bai Gui frowned as he listened "I'm really dizzy" he shouted "You're destroying the Great Wall!" "Master" said Gongsun Yan hurriedly "is there any relief now" 。 forustone.com

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"I met two lucky men!" "But you fell in love with a third person!" "Who" "The King of Hell!" He Minhua suddenly looked up she was really surprised "Wanli Fisherman" how could she know the secret buried in her heart She stared at him "Wanli Fisherman" sudden way "Does he look like a man" "Yes he looks just like him" "Jade Face Lang Jun" "Mmm!"! However he has more charming eyes than the Jade Face Lang Jun So he lifted the life of your youth White Marble Slabs A dead heart "Maybe it is!" wWw。 xiaoshuo txtcoM The seventh chapter is Xu Niang T xt small say day don "Wanli Fisherman" sighed and said "There's nothing wrong with feelings but unfortunately you're half the age difference" He slightly for a meal and way "You love him and he loves you but you can't get the result" "I understand too but I don't understand why" Or do I want to get back to his memory in his face "She laughed delightedly" "Wanli Fisherman" way "We'll talk about this later It's all about the recent events in Wulin which are worrying And as far as I know a catastrophe in Wulin will happen to the'King of Hell on Earth '!" "Why" "No reason but this is just according to me I believe that within half a year

Wulin must set off a frenzy countless Wulin figures will die in his hands!" He Minhua's eyes suddenly brightened and he stared at the "Wanli Fisherman" " "Wanli Fisherman" said again "All the people in Jianghu know that he practiced a kind of transcendental martial arts Although several martial arts masters died on him all the factions in Jianghu want to control him win him over and bring him under their control" He Minhua way "They want to use him" "Yes they understand that if anyone can own him and bring him under his banner it will not be a difficult thing to dominate the martial arts world" "Now someone wants to win him over" "There is more than one Marble Projects person who wants to win him over As far as I know all the masters in Jianghu want to win him over" "Sanying will be among them" "The worst is the Sanying Society because the Sanying Society not only has the potential to dominate Jianghu but also colludes with the East China Sea Gate to prepare for a recent Wulin catastrophe" He Minhua surprised saying "Are you serious" "The evolution of this matter should be expected by the people in the martial arts world If it is half a year slower it will be only a month faster A catastrophe in the martial arts world is bound to begin" He Minhua way "Old-timer how can this be done At the beginning the various factions in Jianghu held by the'Universe Madman 'signed the'Blue Dragon Gold Medal' which has fallen into the East China Sea Gate" This sentence also said that "Wanli Fisherman" was greatly surprised "So the thing you robbed was the'Qinglong Gold Medal Order '" "Yes!" "Wanli Fisherman" his face changed slightly and he said "Let's go get it back" As soon as the voice fell he jumped to the place where the old man in black had escaped Marble Granite Price "Wanli Fisherman" was a rare master in Jianghu He was already twenty feet away He Minhua did not dare to neglect and his body bounced up to catch up with him The "Qinglong Gold Medal" will be very important to the safety of Jianghu

If it really falls into the East China Sea Gate it will control the six schools in the Central Plains Originally the "Wanli Fisherman" did not know what was in the tin box otherwise he would not have let the people of the East China Sea Gate bring it back Chasing half a mile to this place did not find the old man in black holding the iron box the moment two pairs of feet "Wanli Fisherman" way "I believe they are far away" He Minhua way "Yes the people they sent are not weak in martial arts If this thing is brought back to the East China Sea what should we do" "The will of God is beyond the power of human beings to save Things only go where they go" A deep sigh under the words He Minhua seems to have realized something "Where is he" "The King of Hell" "Well!" She nodded her head gently! "Wanli Fisherman" eyes swept saying "Yes where did he go" "Will they be taken away by the people of Donghai Gate" "I can't!"

"You go to find him" he said "and I'll try to get back the'Qinglong Gold Medal 'order See you in Kaifeng in three days" Words fall jump disappear He Minhua instinctively turned around and ran towards the road She understood that Zhu Huaiyu was a man who did not know martial arts and was very slow So she raised her body and ran back However ran for a while but still can not see the White Marble Mosaic shadow of Zhu Huaiyu Her heart slightly stupefied subconsciously blurted out "The King of Hell" He Minhua's cry did not fall and in the dark forest behind him Zhu Huaiyu's voice suddenly came "You called me" As soon as he Minhua turned around Zhu Huaiyu stood in the dark forest behind him She was as excited as if she had suddenly seen her lover and blurted out "People are worried to death and you're still hiding here" At this point she suddenly felt that there was something wrong with her words She quickly swallowed back what she wanted to say Her cheeks were flushed and her neck hung down not daring to look at Zhu Huaiyu Posture still like a girl Zhu Huaiyu was sad that the iron box had been snatched away As soon as he Minhua arrived he said anxiously "Sister He that thing was taken away by them What should I do" He Minhua amorous feelings thousands of smiles to say "Who told you to be careless" Why am I not careful It was the woman who stole it while

I was taking a shower The monk will scold me in the future "The monk" "What is it called'Qing '" I forgot his name Sister He will you bring it back for me "Someone has gone to get it for you If you can get it back or not you'll know in three days It's no use worrying now" Zhu Huaiyu wanted to say something but did not say a giggle looking at He Minhua silent meditation He Minhua was fragrant pink cheeks suffused with coyness saying "Why are you always looking at me" Zhu Huaiyu was startled and blushed awkwardly not knowing what to say forustone.com

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Looked at the gaze of the eyes I was secretly confused leisurely a serious face came over worried to me "Yi!"! It seems The front is not very safe According to experience the front should be a fierce beast community What should we do Do you want to move on "A group of ferocious beasts" After listening to Youyou's words I couldn't help wondering Seeing my puzzled face Youyou soon understood and explained earnestly "Generally speaking in every forest there will be a King of Warcraft He will gather many tough and ferocious Warcraft in a place with abundant magic The area in front of him should be a community of ferocious beasts!" After Grey Marble Slab listening to Youyou's words I looked at her in surprise and said uncertainly "How do you know" Why have I been outside for so many years but I haven't met a similar group of ferocious beasts After listening to my words Youyou could not help smiling and then continued "Do you still remember the seventh-order Warcraft that we once destroyed" That time we just met the fierce beast community and that seventh-order Warcraft is the King of Warcraft in that community! Oh! Clearly nodded looking at the dark forest in front of me I can not help laughing before

I was not they all defeated the fierce beast community now that I am here how can I escape even if I know the danger I can not escape ah really can not afford to lose that person ah what's more if you want to improve your strength it is not in the most dangerous state Thinking of this I waved my hand fiercely and ordered loudly "Let's stop and have a rest in situ After the rest let's rush into this fierce beast area!" Yes! Hearing my command it was beyond my expectation Instead of being afraid all the holy guards were very excited They quickly took out all kinds of equipment and began to arrange it I was slightly stunned Carrara Marble Slab I soon understood that these girls were full of confidence in me With me I'm afraid it's hard for them to be afraid of anything After simply eating some food everyone began to get up and the forty holy guards began to meditate and try to get back to their best state after all Fierce beast community is it so easy to break through Finally two hours later everyone packed up one by one in high spirits under my leadership toward the so-called fierce beast community in the past! Not long after moving on the green figure of Warcraft began to appear in front of him

When he looked forward doubtfully Youyou explained beside him "Yi according to the experience of the last time the community of fierce beasts is arranged from outside to inside according to the order from weak to strong The more inside the more to the core area Pietra Gray Marble the stronger the strength of Warcraft is and there are relatively weak Warcraft around!"! Oh! With a clear nod I waved my hand slightly and called out the rosefinch and the white tiger and then At my command forty holy guards under the cover of the white tiger and the rosefinch slowly pushed forward! Hiss! Not long after finally We saw the Warcraft in front of us looking at the green spiders the size of washbasins all over the ground my hair stood up they were not only horrible in appearance but also so many that people's scalp tingled! However to my surprise in the face of the ferocious green spiders all the girls did not feel afraid one by one waving a staff immediately Surging magic instantly covered everything in front of us ugly or horrible that is no longer seen completely covered by the light of magic! Although there are many green spiders they can't resist the magic attack of the holy guards Under the joint attack of the holy guards the green spiders are cleared one by one and our forward speed has not been reduced at all! Stop! Deploy! Just when

I thought we were about to cross the group of green-haired spiders Youyou shouted with a fierce expression Hearing Youyou's command all the holy guards moved quickly In just a few seconds all the holy guards formed a huge six-pointed star array Forty holy guards formed a huge six-pointed star with a diameter of more than ten meters! Doubtful Youyou said apologetically "I'm sorry I was so nervous just now that I forgot to ask for your consent" Without waiting for Youyou to finish I stopped her with my hand and looked at her with a smile I said frankly "You don't have to apologize No matter Nero Marquina Marble Slab what you do I won't blame you because I believe that everything is for a reason isn't it" Mmm! Nodded happily leisurely eager way "Yes the fierce beast community is an orderly Warcraft team once we attack here so soon … …" The whole group of green-haired spiders will come from all directions and if we can't wipe them all out here then They will cut us off and come after us! At this point Youyou couldn't help showing a look of fear With her body trembling slightly Youyou continued "We made such a mistake when we met the fierce beast community last time If we hadn't found the shelter in time we might have been dead for a long time!" At this point Youjiang looked at me cautiously and said carefully "So according to our experience the only way to defeat the fierce beast community is to start from the periphery and clean it up layer by layer otherwise it will be very dangerous especially when we reach the core area the king of fierce beasts will roar and all the Warcraft will attack us" The mill killed us too! Looking at Youyou with admiration I extended my thumb appreciatively and said encouragingly "Good Youyou I announce" This action will be under your full command and I will be a pawn completely obeying the arrangement of Captain Youyou!

She looked at me with shame and joy Obviously my words made her very happy and happy "The green-haired spider swarm will arrive in two minutes Let's get ready When the green-haired spider swarm arrives we will suppress it according to the tactics we used last time!" Yes! forustone.com

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Eighteen bends as the name implies this is a dangerous detour although there are no eighteen bends but the twists and turns make it the most accident-prone road Even veteran drivers will frown at the mention of this road not to mention those novices who Calacatta Nano Glass have a 40% chance of having an accident on this road This road is a paradise for underground racing at night Some young people who pursue excitement regard it as a paradise especially the enthusiastic motorcycle enthusiasts who regard it as a holy place Dare to race in the eighteenth corner that is the real motorcyclist Some people like cars while others are enthusiastic pursuers of motorcycles which has nothing to do with the amount of money Chen Xiao rode the motorcycle to eighteen bends As soon as the motorcycle stopped Gu Xiaoyu jumped down Xiao Hei where is Xiao Li the slut Gu Xiaoyu asked a boy of her age You're the bitch! A girl wearing a hip skirt and a navel blouse appeared in front of Gu Xiaoyu with a cigarette in her mouth The girl was about the same age as Gu Xiaoyu

In terms of beauty she was much worse than Gu Xiaoyu However she is more daring than Gu Xiaoyu to wear white underwear are exposed from the skirt Her fingernails were painted with bright red and heavy eye shadow When Gu Xiaoyu saw Xiaoli she pointed to Chen Xiao "This is my friend Don't you show off Xiaohei's motorcycle in front of me all day Come on look at my friend's motorcycle" Xiao Li glanced at Chen Xiao and raised the corners of her mouth "It's an uncle Xiaoyu I knew you a slut would seduce some useless uncles" Gu Xiaoyu laughed sarcastically and said "Xiao Li don't be jealous of me If you have the ability to seduce me don't think I don't know what you did behind Xiao Hei's back It seems that people don't want you" You Bitch Xiaoyu Don't think it's great to have a motorcycle Wait a minute to compare If anyone loses he will bark like a dog Bitch do you dare "What's not to do" Gu Xiaoyu disdained to curl his lips "Xiao Li when you Porcelain Marble Slabs learn to bark don't forget to kneel down and learn" "Well we'll see I don't know who will learn to bark!" Xiao Li said angrily and walked to Xiao Hei's side talking to Xiao Hei Gu Xiaoyu straddled Chen Xiao's motorcycle "You must give me credit for the motorcycle race as long as you can surpass Xiaohei" "Did I say I would race" Chen Xiao held a cigarette in his hand and a puff of smoke came out of his lips leaning against the motorcycle You "Little girl I didn't promise you anything

I don't care to participate in such boring things What does winning or losing have to do with me" Chen Xiao clearly told Gu Xiaoyu he disdained Gu Xiaoyu subconsciously looked at the side of Xiaoli saw Xiaoli is looking with provocative eyes a sneer in the corner of Xiaoli's mouth gradually become bigger You say what you want Artificial Marble Slabs as long as I can do I will promise Gu Xiaoyu said Chen Xiao's eyes narrowed the cigarette in his hand was stuffed into his mouth and his big hand pinched Gu Xiaoyu's buttocks tightly wrapped in denim shorts A puff of smoke sprayed from his mouth into Gu Xiaoyu's face and Gu Xiaoyu seemed to see through Chen Xiao's mind Gu Xiaoyu in the school that is also a famous beauty if not for her all kinds of bad behavior the school beauty is absolutely her Gu Xiaoyu is indispensable for fighting and skipping classes Obviously is the lady's temperament abruptly becomes like that street has not read the book too younger sister to be general Gu Xiaoyu is not stupid see a lot of men but also understand the minds of those men one by one to see her like a wolf to see a sheep in general would like to swallow her down Gu Xiaoyu plays to play but will not give men a chance If you want to have a bad intention towards this young lady then you can miscalculate I will not be foolish enough to sell myself Gu Xiaoyu had already made up her mind that if Chen Xiao really made a non-point request she would certainly slap her ears and scold her bitterly so that he could know that she was not an ordinary girl Chen Xiao leaned close to Gu Xiaoyu's ear and said lightly "As long as you promise me that you will go home on time and listen to your sister I will help you this time" "All right deal!" Gu Xiaoyu was overjoyed and immediately agreed

; Chapter 16 containment Several police cars were driving on the way to the Eighteen Bend A pretty policewoman in police uniform was driving the police car When she heard the command from the special channel she raised her mouth disdainfully What did you do earlier You just want to catch those smelly boys tonight Sun Yao snorted coldly Another patrolman Zhao Yang was sitting in the police car Zhao Yang was two years older than Sun Yao Granite Slab Supplier He was just 26 years old this year He was an old patrolman Sun how was the blind date yesterday "Don't mention it the brat was scared away when he heard I was a patrolman!" Zhao Yang said with a smile "That's not true Just because of your appearance you're caught in the street Those young men are waiting in line to chase you Just because you're a patrolman you scare people away I don't believe it You didn't do anything did you" "Also" It's nothing just That is when eating when someone makes trouble in the restaurant I will stop it maybe Maybe it was a little heavy

I didn't feel anything Didn't I just break the leg bone of the troublemaker “………!” Today the city's traffic police patrolmen and criminal police took a joint action to ban underground racing cars in the Shibawan area All along there have been underground racing cars in the Shibawan area There have been dozens of serious accidents involving car crashes and deaths which have had a very bad impact on society Under the personal command of the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau roadblocks were set up at the intersections of the Eighteen Bends to capture and severely punish the participants of underground racing so as to prevent similar incidents in the future Sun Yao was transferred to capture the participants of those underground racing cars Yesterday she was already full of anger Today she should have taken a vacation but she was asked to take part in the action Sun Yao was already extremely dissatisfied She wished she could catch the racers of those underground racing cars and beat them severely to get rid of their anger 。 forustone.com

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The bejeweled treasures in the coffin were exactly what they deserved Ma Wang Ye was elated and the wrinkles on his old face were stretched out He squatted in the coffin like electricity but at this time he suddenly felt something was wrong in the tomb As if in addition to their own movements all around the general static even can not hear the sound of his partner Fei Wuji breathing wwwxiaOShuOtxTCom Section 6 Grave Robbery (6) Ma Wang Ye Daqi what did Fei Wuji do Wasn't he just moving the coffin lid But the lid of the coffin was half pulled open and stopped and now it was still hanging there but Fei Wuji had disappeared white marble mosaic Ma Wang Ye called in a low voice "Lao Tie" Lao Tie are you still there But the tomb was so quiet that even a needle dropped on the ground could be heard and there was no response Ma Wang Ye knew it was not good but after all he was an old Jianghu He was calm in the face of danger He turned out of the coffin in a flash When he landed a loaded shell gun was already in his hand

At this moment Ma Wang Ye first thought of Fei Wuji and the old north wind partnership against the water grave robbers internal strife for money to kill each other too much perhaps the two guys want to bury themselves alive in the grave As soon as the head emerged Ma Wang Ye saw two bloody corpses lying on the palace bed under the coffin Although the corpses were bloody Ma Wang Ye could see them clearly by the light of the lantern Of the two corpses the one with a bald head was pietra gray marble definitely Fei Wuji while the one with a bent body Luo Guo was naturally the old North Wind a local gunner Both of them were very characteristic in appearance and could be recognized by a sweep of their eyes Ma Wang Ye only felt that his whole body was covered with hair He could not imagine what terrible things had happened in the tomb at the moment when he had just grabbed the treasure from the coffin including the old north wind outside The two living people died silently and died so miserably Ma Wang Ye knew that he was in big trouble today so he lifted his feet and wanted to escape At that moment there was a "rustling" sound in the dark corner around him like a large group of rats touching things However the sound became more intense and the smell of rotten fish increased in the humid air And judging from the direction the retreat has been sealed In a hurry Ma Wang Ye jumped into the hanging coffin again pulled the lid of the coffin with both hands and put himself into the coffin To do so is not to invite death but Ma Wang Ye's ancestral trick so the old legend if there is a corpse in the tomb only hide in the coffin and pull the lid of the coffin cut off its retreat back to the nest the son does not see noon noon does not see the son in less than half a day the corpse gas dissipated white marble slabs he will be safe It's not impossible to rush out directly but God knows if the greedy wolf star can come at any time at least now it's much safer to do so than to fight with the ancient corpse face to face Ma Wang Ye lies in the coffin like a corpse No matter how big the coffin looks from the outside once you are in it and close the lid of the coffin you will feel that the space inside is too narrow and depressing

But Ma Wang Ye did not care to think about whether it was comfortable or not so he slowed down his breathing and listened to what was going on outside But the coffin was so thick that after listening to it for a long time he couldn't hear anything Ma Wang Ye made up his mind "This Old Master has spent time with you today I'll go out after I've had enough rest Let's see how long you can hold out outside" He was thinking of a way to get away but suddenly he felt that his leg was caught by a hand and his leg bone was almost crushed Earlier he and Fei Wuji pulled open the lid of a coffin but had not yet had time to remove it completely Could it be that there was something hidden in the lower half of the coffin Or just saw the old North Wind and Fei Wuji's body what took the opportunity to hide in first In the urgent need to survive Ma Wang Ye wanted to struggle to get rid of it but now his muscles were stiff and he could not move at all He could only open his eyes in horror and let the darkness swallow him slowly

HuoTXTcom Section 7 Grave Robbery (7) In the end Ma Wang Ye's mind began to blur In a trance he seemed to have a hoarse voice asking him something He only felt that the voice was not like a person talking at all After a long time in a daze his whole body suddenly vibrated as if he had woken up from a nightmare His hands and feet were finally able to move again If Ma Wang Ye met with amnesty where did he dare to look at what was in the grey marble slab coffin and push off the lid of the coffin He rolled and crawled out of the coffin and stumbled out of the tomb When he got home Lord Ma seemed to be a completely different person The family thought that the old man's accent was very strange probably because he had caught a cold on his way so they didn't think much about it Disciples hurriedly came over to pay their respects and asked about the process of robbing the tomb in the Mud River Ma Wang Ye said it briefly and then said nothing more For several days in a row he closed the door and did not go out

He did not see any relatives or friends He only drank by himself in the hall When he drank too much he talked nonsense "Big head ghost small head ghost hanging ghost drowning ghost bending dead ghost complaining dead ghost" Come on drink! Drink He seemed to be inviting many ghosts to drink with him This strange and incomparable behavior shocked all the women in the family What's wrong with the master Are you obsessed with ghosts But Ma Wang Ye is a tyrant at home on weekdays No matter what they say everyone murmurs in their hearts but no one dares to speak out under the accumulated power The Ma family is a big family with a lot of money In addition to the activities of grave robbery they also have a lot of collusion with the Greenwood Road So far they have not been separated The important affairs of the family are decided by Ma Wang Ye alone The family saw that the master was so worried that he would make some mistakes when he was old so they invited several herbalists to diagnose him but they were all scolded by Ma Wang Ye forustone.com

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