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Huadu Surprise Soldier (Zhu Zhu)
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Eighteen bends as the name implies this is a dangerous detour although there are no eighteen bends but the twists and turns make it the most accident-prone road Even veteran drivers will frown at the mention of this road not to mention those novices who Calacatta Nano Glass have a 40% chance of having an accident on this road This road is a paradise for underground racing at night Some young people who pursue excitement regard it as a paradise especially the enthusiastic motorcycle enthusiasts who regard it as a holy place Dare to race in the eighteenth corner that is the real motorcyclist Some people like cars while others are enthusiastic pursuers of motorcycles which has nothing to do with the amount of money Chen Xiao rode the motorcycle to eighteen bends As soon as the motorcycle stopped Gu Xiaoyu jumped down Xiao Hei where is Xiao Li the slut Gu Xiaoyu asked a boy of her age You're the bitch! A girl wearing a hip skirt and a navel blouse appeared in front of Gu Xiaoyu with a cigarette in her mouth The girl was about the same age as Gu Xiaoyu

In terms of beauty she was much worse than Gu Xiaoyu However she is more daring than Gu Xiaoyu to wear white underwear are exposed from the skirt Her fingernails were painted with bright red and heavy eye shadow When Gu Xiaoyu saw Xiaoli she pointed to Chen Xiao "This is my friend Don't you show off Xiaohei's motorcycle in front of me all day Come on look at my friend's motorcycle" Xiao Li glanced at Chen Xiao and raised the corners of her mouth "It's an uncle Xiaoyu I knew you a slut would seduce some useless uncles" Gu Xiaoyu laughed sarcastically and said "Xiao Li don't be jealous of me If you have the ability to seduce me don't think I don't know what you did behind Xiao Hei's back It seems that people don't want you" You Bitch Xiaoyu Don't think it's great to have a motorcycle Wait a minute to compare If anyone loses he will bark like a dog Bitch do you dare "What's not to do" Gu Xiaoyu disdained to curl his lips "Xiao Li when you Porcelain Marble Slabs learn to bark don't forget to kneel down and learn" "Well we'll see I don't know who will learn to bark!" Xiao Li said angrily and walked to Xiao Hei's side talking to Xiao Hei Gu Xiaoyu straddled Chen Xiao's motorcycle "You must give me credit for the motorcycle race as long as you can surpass Xiaohei" "Did I say I would race" Chen Xiao held a cigarette in his hand and a puff of smoke came out of his lips leaning against the motorcycle You "Little girl I didn't promise you anything

I don't care to participate in such boring things What does winning or losing have to do with me" Chen Xiao clearly told Gu Xiaoyu he disdained Gu Xiaoyu subconsciously looked at the side of Xiaoli saw Xiaoli is looking with provocative eyes a sneer in the corner of Xiaoli's mouth gradually become bigger You say what you want Artificial Marble Slabs as long as I can do I will promise Gu Xiaoyu said Chen Xiao's eyes narrowed the cigarette in his hand was stuffed into his mouth and his big hand pinched Gu Xiaoyu's buttocks tightly wrapped in denim shorts A puff of smoke sprayed from his mouth into Gu Xiaoyu's face and Gu Xiaoyu seemed to see through Chen Xiao's mind Gu Xiaoyu in the school that is also a famous beauty if not for her all kinds of bad behavior the school beauty is absolutely her Gu Xiaoyu is indispensable for fighting and skipping classes Obviously is the lady's temperament abruptly becomes like that street has not read the book too younger sister to be general Gu Xiaoyu is not stupid see a lot of men but also understand the minds of those men one by one to see her like a wolf to see a sheep in general would like to swallow her down Gu Xiaoyu plays to play but will not give men a chance If you want to have a bad intention towards this young lady then you can miscalculate I will not be foolish enough to sell myself Gu Xiaoyu had already made up her mind that if Chen Xiao really made a non-point request she would certainly slap her ears and scold her bitterly so that he could know that she was not an ordinary girl Chen Xiao leaned close to Gu Xiaoyu's ear and said lightly "As long as you promise me that you will go home on time and listen to your sister I will help you this time" "All right deal!" Gu Xiaoyu was overjoyed and immediately agreed

; Chapter 16 containment Several police cars were driving on the way to the Eighteen Bend A pretty policewoman in police uniform was driving the police car When she heard the command from the special channel she raised her mouth disdainfully What did you do earlier You just want to catch those smelly boys tonight Sun Yao snorted coldly Another patrolman Zhao Yang was sitting in the police car Zhao Yang was two years older than Sun Yao Granite Slab Supplier He was just 26 years old this year He was an old patrolman Sun how was the blind date yesterday "Don't mention it the brat was scared away when he heard I was a patrolman!" Zhao Yang said with a smile "That's not true Just because of your appearance you're caught in the street Those young men are waiting in line to chase you Just because you're a patrolman you scare people away I don't believe it You didn't do anything did you" "Also" It's nothing just That is when eating when someone makes trouble in the restaurant I will stop it maybe Maybe it was a little heavy

I didn't feel anything Didn't I just break the leg bone of the troublemaker “………!” Today the city's traffic police patrolmen and criminal police took a joint action to ban underground racing cars in the Shibawan area All along there have been underground racing cars in the Shibawan area There have been dozens of serious accidents involving car crashes and deaths which have had a very bad impact on society Under the personal command of the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau roadblocks were set up at the intersections of the Eighteen Bends to capture and severely punish the participants of underground racing so as to prevent similar incidents in the future Sun Yao was transferred to capture the participants of those underground racing cars Yesterday she was already full of anger Today she should have taken a vacation but she was asked to take part in the action Sun Yao was already extremely dissatisfied She wished she could catch the racers of those underground racing cars and beat them severely to get rid of their anger 。 forustone.com

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