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Looked at the gaze of the eyes I was secretly confused leisurely a serious face came over worried to me "Yi!"! It seems The front is not very safe According to experience the front should be a fierce beast community What should we do Do you want to move on "A group of ferocious beasts" After listening to Youyou's words I couldn't help wondering Seeing my puzzled face Youyou soon understood and explained earnestly "Generally speaking in every forest there will be a King of Warcraft He will gather many tough and ferocious Warcraft in a place with abundant magic The area in front of him should be a community of ferocious beasts!" After Grey Marble Slab listening to Youyou's words I looked at her in surprise and said uncertainly "How do you know" Why have I been outside for so many years but I haven't met a similar group of ferocious beasts After listening to my words Youyou could not help smiling and then continued "Do you still remember the seventh-order Warcraft that we once destroyed" That time we just met the fierce beast community and that seventh-order Warcraft is the King of Warcraft in that community! Oh! Clearly nodded looking at the dark forest in front of me I can not help laughing before

I was not they all defeated the fierce beast community now that I am here how can I escape even if I know the danger I can not escape ah really can not afford to lose that person ah what's more if you want to improve your strength it is not in the most dangerous state Thinking of this I waved my hand fiercely and ordered loudly "Let's stop and have a rest in situ After the rest let's rush into this fierce beast area!" Yes! Hearing my command it was beyond my expectation Instead of being afraid all the holy guards were very excited They quickly took out all kinds of equipment and began to arrange it I was slightly stunned Carrara Marble Slab I soon understood that these girls were full of confidence in me With me I'm afraid it's hard for them to be afraid of anything After simply eating some food everyone began to get up and the forty holy guards began to meditate and try to get back to their best state after all Fierce beast community is it so easy to break through Finally two hours later everyone packed up one by one in high spirits under my leadership toward the so-called fierce beast community in the past! Not long after moving on the green figure of Warcraft began to appear in front of him

When he looked forward doubtfully Youyou explained beside him "Yi according to the experience of the last time the community of fierce beasts is arranged from outside to inside according to the order from weak to strong The more inside the more to the core area Pietra Gray Marble the stronger the strength of Warcraft is and there are relatively weak Warcraft around!"! Oh! With a clear nod I waved my hand slightly and called out the rosefinch and the white tiger and then At my command forty holy guards under the cover of the white tiger and the rosefinch slowly pushed forward! Hiss! Not long after finally We saw the Warcraft in front of us looking at the green spiders the size of washbasins all over the ground my hair stood up they were not only horrible in appearance but also so many that people's scalp tingled! However to my surprise in the face of the ferocious green spiders all the girls did not feel afraid one by one waving a staff immediately Surging magic instantly covered everything in front of us ugly or horrible that is no longer seen completely covered by the light of magic! Although there are many green spiders they can't resist the magic attack of the holy guards Under the joint attack of the holy guards the green spiders are cleared one by one and our forward speed has not been reduced at all! Stop! Deploy! Just when

I thought we were about to cross the group of green-haired spiders Youyou shouted with a fierce expression Hearing Youyou's command all the holy guards moved quickly In just a few seconds all the holy guards formed a huge six-pointed star array Forty holy guards formed a huge six-pointed star with a diameter of more than ten meters! Doubtful Youyou said apologetically "I'm sorry I was so nervous just now that I forgot to ask for your consent" Without waiting for Youyou to finish I stopped her with my hand and looked at her with a smile I said frankly "You don't have to apologize No matter Nero Marquina Marble Slab what you do I won't blame you because I believe that everything is for a reason isn't it" Mmm! Nodded happily leisurely eager way "Yes the fierce beast community is an orderly Warcraft team once we attack here so soon … …" The whole group of green-haired spiders will come from all directions and if we can't wipe them all out here then They will cut us off and come after us! At this point Youyou couldn't help showing a look of fear With her body trembling slightly Youyou continued "We made such a mistake when we met the fierce beast community last time If we hadn't found the shelter in time we might have been dead for a long time!" At this point Youjiang looked at me cautiously and said carefully "So according to our experience the only way to defeat the fierce beast community is to start from the periphery and clean it up layer by layer otherwise it will be very dangerous especially when we reach the core area the king of fierce beasts will roar and all the Warcraft will attack us" The mill killed us too! Looking at Youyou with admiration I extended my thumb appreciatively and said encouragingly "Good Youyou I announce" This action will be under your full command and I will be a pawn completely obeying the arrangement of Captain Youyou!

She looked at me with shame and joy Obviously my words made her very happy and happy "The green-haired spider swarm will arrive in two minutes Let's get ready When the green-haired spider swarm arrives we will suppress it according to the tactics we used last time!" Yes! forustone.com

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