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Lost Soul Palm-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise
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"I met two lucky men!" "But you fell in love with a third person!" "Who" "The King of Hell!" He Minhua suddenly looked up she was really surprised "Wanli Fisherman" how could she know the secret buried in her heart She stared at him "Wanli Fisherman" sudden way "Does he look like a man" "Yes he looks just like him" "Jade Face Lang Jun" "Mmm!"! However he has more charming eyes than the Jade Face Lang Jun So he lifted the life of your youth White Marble Slabs A dead heart "Maybe it is!" wWw。 xiaoshuo txtcoM The seventh chapter is Xu Niang T xt small say day don "Wanli Fisherman" sighed and said "There's nothing wrong with feelings but unfortunately you're half the age difference" He slightly for a meal and way "You love him and he loves you but you can't get the result" "I understand too but I don't understand why" Or do I want to get back to his memory in his face "She laughed delightedly" "Wanli Fisherman" way "We'll talk about this later It's all about the recent events in Wulin which are worrying And as far as I know a catastrophe in Wulin will happen to the'King of Hell on Earth '!" "Why" "No reason but this is just according to me I believe that within half a year

Wulin must set off a frenzy countless Wulin figures will die in his hands!" He Minhua's eyes suddenly brightened and he stared at the "Wanli Fisherman" " "Wanli Fisherman" said again "All the people in Jianghu know that he practiced a kind of transcendental martial arts Although several martial arts masters died on him all the factions in Jianghu want to control him win him over and bring him under their control" He Minhua way "They want to use him" "Yes they understand that if anyone can own him and bring him under his banner it will not be a difficult thing to dominate the martial arts world" "Now someone wants to win him over" "There is more than one Marble Projects person who wants to win him over As far as I know all the masters in Jianghu want to win him over" "Sanying will be among them" "The worst is the Sanying Society because the Sanying Society not only has the potential to dominate Jianghu but also colludes with the East China Sea Gate to prepare for a recent Wulin catastrophe" He Minhua surprised saying "Are you serious" "The evolution of this matter should be expected by the people in the martial arts world If it is half a year slower it will be only a month faster A catastrophe in the martial arts world is bound to begin" He Minhua way "Old-timer how can this be done At the beginning the various factions in Jianghu held by the'Universe Madman 'signed the'Blue Dragon Gold Medal' which has fallen into the East China Sea Gate" This sentence also said that "Wanli Fisherman" was greatly surprised "So the thing you robbed was the'Qinglong Gold Medal Order '" "Yes!" "Wanli Fisherman" his face changed slightly and he said "Let's go get it back" As soon as the voice fell he jumped to the place where the old man in black had escaped Marble Granite Price "Wanli Fisherman" was a rare master in Jianghu He was already twenty feet away He Minhua did not dare to neglect and his body bounced up to catch up with him The "Qinglong Gold Medal" will be very important to the safety of Jianghu

If it really falls into the East China Sea Gate it will control the six schools in the Central Plains Originally the "Wanli Fisherman" did not know what was in the tin box otherwise he would not have let the people of the East China Sea Gate bring it back Chasing half a mile to this place did not find the old man in black holding the iron box the moment two pairs of feet "Wanli Fisherman" way "I believe they are far away" He Minhua way "Yes the people they sent are not weak in martial arts If this thing is brought back to the East China Sea what should we do" "The will of God is beyond the power of human beings to save Things only go where they go" A deep sigh under the words He Minhua seems to have realized something "Where is he" "The King of Hell" "Well!" She nodded her head gently! "Wanli Fisherman" eyes swept saying "Yes where did he go" "Will they be taken away by the people of Donghai Gate" "I can't!"

"You go to find him" he said "and I'll try to get back the'Qinglong Gold Medal 'order See you in Kaifeng in three days" Words fall jump disappear He Minhua instinctively turned around and ran towards the road She understood that Zhu Huaiyu was a man who did not know martial arts and was very slow So she raised her body and ran back However ran for a while but still can not see the White Marble Mosaic shadow of Zhu Huaiyu Her heart slightly stupefied subconsciously blurted out "The King of Hell" He Minhua's cry did not fall and in the dark forest behind him Zhu Huaiyu's voice suddenly came "You called me" As soon as he Minhua turned around Zhu Huaiyu stood in the dark forest behind him She was as excited as if she had suddenly seen her lover and blurted out "People are worried to death and you're still hiding here" At this point she suddenly felt that there was something wrong with her words She quickly swallowed back what she wanted to say Her cheeks were flushed and her neck hung down not daring to look at Zhu Huaiyu Posture still like a girl Zhu Huaiyu was sad that the iron box had been snatched away As soon as he Minhua arrived he said anxiously "Sister He that thing was taken away by them What should I do" He Minhua amorous feelings thousands of smiles to say "Who told you to be careless" Why am I not careful It was the woman who stole it while

I was taking a shower The monk will scold me in the future "The monk" "What is it called'Qing '" I forgot his name Sister He will you bring it back for me "Someone has gone to get it for you If you can get it back or not you'll know in three days It's no use worrying now" Zhu Huaiyu wanted to say something but did not say a giggle looking at He Minhua silent meditation He Minhua was fragrant pink cheeks suffused with coyness saying "Why are you always looking at me" Zhu Huaiyu was startled and blushed awkwardly not knowing what to say forustone.com

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