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Tian Pijiang glanced at Wei Huihou snorted coldly in his nostrils and turned his face away Xiong Huai looked straight at the Marquis of Wei Hui and asked in a loud voice "May I ask the Marquis of Wei who has both virtue and talent in the world today" The Marquis Hui of Wei turned his eyes to Xiong Huai and smiled "There is someone but it's not you Xiong Huai the first prince of the State of Chu" Xiong Huai said coldly "So this man should be Agate Slabs Countertops you Marquis of Wei!" The Marquis Hui of Wei gave a long laugh and said "Ha ha ha ha Those who have both virtue and talent can promote the royal industry and dominate the world" Wei's talent is shallow and his virtue is thin How can he shoulder this heavy responsibility! Besides even if Wei really has this ability it's not good for him to boast! As a vassal unexpectedly in front of the son of heaven to talk about the king's industry really also thanks to what he said Just as they were looking at each other the Marquis Hui of Wei changed the subject and said "However there is only one person in the world who thinks he is highly respected and talented" The Marquis suddenly startled coincidentally turned to Wei Huihou Xiong Huai asked in a loud voice "May I ask the Marquis of Wei who is this man" Wei Huihou put away his smile and said word by word "Qin Gong Ying Qu Liang!" The crowd looked at each other again Han Zhaohou touched Tian Pijiang again "See" Round and round finally round to the point! The Marquis Hui of Wei raised his face and said sternly in his voice "Today the princes are in the court of the king and the world returns to its heart The ruler keeps the way of the ruler and the minister keeps the principle of the minister It can be said that the common people are blessed" Only the Qin in Guanzhong arrogant neither bow to come also don't tell the reason!

What is this This is contempt for the world! This is having no respect for the emperor! This is the following inverse up! This is against the ethics of heaven! Wei Huihou buckled so many big hats in a series and his voice became higher and higher and his face became more and more angry which no one expected It seemed that Wei Chenggong who was known for his timidity could not stand his series of thunderous questions His hands trembled and the wine that had just been filled on several tables was knocked to the ground by him and the wine spilled all over his body Sitting beside him Zhao Suhou calmly reached out to pick up the wine and straightened it on several cases GongSunYan hurried forward refill The Duke of Yan and the Duke of Lu sat upright their eyes slightly closed as if they had not heard or seen anything The monarchs of several small countries looked uneasily at the Marquis Hui of Wei fearing that the wrath of thunder Agate Stone Price would fall on their heads Tian Pijiang's eyes shot contemptuously at Wei Chenggong snorting in his nostrils

The Marquis Hui of Wei however was very satisfied with the quick reaction of Duke Cheng of Wei He stared at him and said "I would like to ask the Duke of Wei the Duke of Qin has ulterior motives and is risking the world's condemnation Should he be punished by the world" Wei Chenggong who was still in shock could not stand the question At that moment he said incoherently "Ji Su is not -- not -- is --" Wei Huihou smiled and said kindly "Wei Gong what on earth do you want to say" Wei Chenggong became more and more flustered "I-I-yes-yes-" Wei Huihou's eyes left Wei Chenggong with great satisfaction He swept the crowd one by one Seeing that no one had come forward he nodded and his eyes fell on the emperor of Zhou "Qin Gong has no eyes for your majesty It is against ethics Calacatta Quartz Slab Wei Gong thinks that Qin Gong is risking the world's condemnation and should be punished for his crime What does your majesty think" King Xian of Zhou who had been in a mess suddenly asked this question He panicked even more He looked around and said "This-" The Marquis Hui of Wei had a stern voice and expression and his eyes were like a sword "The Duke of Qin was born early with the intention of not being a minister People and gods are angry together The Duke of Wei thinks that he should be punished for his crime What does Your Majesty think" King Xian of Zhou became more and more alarmed His forehead was soaked with sweat He wiped a few handfuls of his lapel and stammered "Love-love Qing Yi-what do you think" The Marquis Hui of Wei raised his voice leaned forward and looked straight at King Xian "It's Wei who is asking Your Majesty!" Since he ascended the throne King Xian of Zhou had never seen his subordinates speak to him like this In a hurry he was stunned Even his tongue seemed to be frozen in his mouth It took him a long time to stammer out two words "Dang-Dang Zhu!" Hearing this the Marquis Hui of Wei seemed to finally think of the way of the minister He slowly left his seat straightened his skirt and went to the front of the emperor of Zhou He bowed to the ground and said "Your Majesty is wise!"! Wei is willing to lead the teacher of justice choose a day to cut the Qin Dynasty in order to correct the way of heaven please allow your majesty! King Xian of Zhou looked around again but when he saw that there was no one to answer him he had no choice but to reply "Just-just follow what Aiqing has played!"

Wei Huihou said in a loud voice "Wei receives the decree!" The Marquis Hui of Wei got up and walked back to the same position as the Son of Heaven He sat down glanced around and said slowly "Dukes Wei has been ordered by the Son of Heaven to fight against the Qin thieves I hope you will do your best to help If you have the strength and the money you will contribute" The specific number is coordinated by Chen Tuan the superior doctor of our country Wei not much to say hope you in the alliance after the ceremony in accordance Agate Slabs For Sale with the agreement raise all the food and soldiers a total of the Qin Dynasty! The Hou looked at each other no one answered but no one came out to object As if by magic the Marquis Hui of Wei changed into a smiling face and said "Come on the flowers are beautiful and the moon is full tonight You should drink to your heart's content!"! Go to the doctor and wait on him with singing and dancing! Chen Hui-chih said triumphantly "I have received the decree!" Chen Tuan waved his hand the music sounded and the dancers entered dancing the "Dawu" created by the Duke of Zhou himself after King Wu returned triumphantly from attacking Zhou This song and dance mainly shows the great achievements of King Wu's conquering Zhou and it is usually played at the grand ceremony of the king This is a routine repertoire originally understandable but this day is still a little unusual that is all the big Zhou soldiers holding Ge and halberd are all decorated with Wei soldiers while the soldiers of King Zhou of Shang wear Qin clothes Obviously Wei Huihou took the opportunity to cut Qin is premeditated for a long time No one expected that the emperor's banquet would suddenly change into an oath to cut down the Qin Dynasty Although the flames of war did not burn on his head but the overbearing style of Wei Huihou made the hearts of the dukes difficult

The original six-song "Dawu" had just reached the second song and Tian Pijiang took Xiong Huai to leave the table first Other governors said also have resigned Wei Huihou seemed to have expected this outcome very polite to send away the governors bent back to his own source GongSunYan out hurried back to the prime minister tent the banquet will be told in detail to Bai Gui Bai Gui frowned as he listened "I'm really dizzy" he shouted "You're destroying the Great Wall!" "Master" said Gongsun Yan hurriedly "is there any relief now" 。 forustone.com

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